1. Select the Buy button.

2. Choose for how many people you want the Pack, you do not need to select day !. Add if you want monkey mugs or monkey key chains. The recipient will have 180 days to redeem it.

3. Fill in your purchase information and customize your Pack. You yourself choose the recipient, the day you want to receive it and personalize your gift message.

4. It is done! You just gave away the best experience of their lives.

Buy Gift Pack

1. Select the Redeem button.

2. Enter the reservation code that came in your Gift Pack.

3. Choose the day and hour that you feel most prepared to face this challenge. You will receive a confirmation email.

4. Train your mind, relax your body, control your nerves, very soon you will submit to the biggest challenge of your lives.

*You can pick up your Extra Gifts, if there were, when you come to know us.

Redeem Gift Pack