• What is Five Mon-Keys?

    Five Monkeys is a Real Escape Game created by five friends with lots of enthusiasm and a view to make you out of the routine and have a good time.

  • What is a Escape Game?

    A Real Escape Game is a themed game where participants are immersed in a story that will have to be discovered and resolved by evidence and clues in a maximum time of 60 minutes.

    NO  physical strength required.

    Our games are not scary.

    Although the game takes place in a closed room any participant with problems of claustrophobia or other condition can always leave the room without problem.

  • How many players can participate?

    Games are created for groups of 2 to 5 people. Communication between them is essential to leave the room.

  • Which is the age limit to play?

    Five Mon-Keys believe that everyone can play but children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy the experience. Of course the mental dexterity does not have a maximum age, also the game does not require physical strength.

  • How many games are there?

    For now we only have one game available, but in short we will open another.

    Soon we will reveal the difficulty and the theme.

  • How I can reserve a game?

    We are finishing to assemble all installations so you could stay as comfortable as possible. Really, really soon …

    As we are active you will have the possibility to book our games on line.

  • When will we should have to arrive?

    In Five Mon-Keys we would like to meet you and explain you all the instructions and rules. To do this the group have to arrive 10 minutes before the booking time.

    If you arrive later, you could lose the reservation because another group will play later than you. So.. Out of respect for others we must be in time. 😉

  • How much does it cost?

    Soon we will be revealing the details of the game, the theme, reserve, and price.

    We are really excited