Beyond Team building or activities for traditional companies, we propose a specially designed experience to encourage and improve the skills of the team work.

Five Mon-Keys In Your Companies, located in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, offers companies and HR departments a differential and innovative experience, in an unbeatable environment, which promotes imagination and lateral thinking, strengthens links, generates dynamics , Identify competencies, evaluate candidates and motivate team work.

If you want to get it fast, walk alone, if you want to get it far do it as a team.
Testimonial by A very wise monkey
A very wise monkey
It is impressive to see how an escape room manages to identify profiles and behaviors that would otherwise be impossible to reproduce.
Testimonial by Monkey Einstein
Monkey Einstein


At Five Mon-Keys we defend all the activities for companies and team buildings that help to group groups, but we want to offer something more, an experience that your teams can “carry in the backpack” and that they can use in their professional life.

We want to challenge your team to make an escape experience designed and guided by expert professionals, an innovative and fun activity that will allow you to identify and explore their skills and potential.

The key to an escape experience is that it forces you to work as a team, towards a unique and well-known goal, even if the road is full of uncertainties and enigmas to be solved. Like in your company.

You can see how they behave in situations of pressure, where they can see that only teamwork can help them overcome the challenges.


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Five Mon-Keys In Your Companies

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